Fuel Products

Perfection’s Brute Power Fuel Products are engineered with the highest attention to quality and reliability.  Our innovative designs and attention to detail sets our products apart from the competition.  With over 700 part numbers and 30,000 applications, we are able to service both domestic and import vehicles.

Our goal is to remove the pressure and doubt when it comes to purchasing a fuel product.  We want to make the experience as easy as possible.  Pursuant to this, our products are engineered and designed with the end customer in mind.  For example:

  • Many OE and competitor fuel systems on include one filter between the pump and the engine.  All PHT modules come equipped with a filter and are manufactured to match OE filtration performance.
  • Aged wiring harnesses can be a source of failure when used with new modules.  Some competitors that follow the OE design do not provide the installer an alternative to reusing the old compromised wiring harness.  Those that do only supply the harness in a single-color combination.  This can lead to installation failure.  All PHT wiring harnesses are color coded to ease the process of installation.

Perfection Fuel Products deliver value to your brand by performing at and beyond expectations. They instill confidence and they earn customer endorsements. Product innovations with gerotors and GM-style modules along with rigorous testing procedures are the backbone to our success. These are the tangible assets that drive brand and drive sales. Going with Brute Power will actually be more economical when you factor the true value to bottom line and return on investment.