Mass Air Flow

Perfection Mass Air Flow products engineered with the highest attention to quality and reliability.  Our products are designed to meet and exceed OEM performance and account for all types of conditions that your engine may experience.

Every component in our products is tested for the highest reliability and quality and all of our mass air flow sensors are new….no cores.  Our factories are TS16949 certified manufacturing facilities.

Unlike many service jobs, mass air flow sensors are not vehicle age sensitive.  Due to the many factors that can affect a mass air flow sensor, its extremely important that the product you choose uses the highest quality materials built in the most strict manufacturing processes and tested using the most sophisticated testing protocols available in the market today.  Perfection Mass Air Flow products check all the boxes.

Perfection MAF products are available at many online retailers.  If you have any questions about our MAF products or any of our other quality products, please call our customer support line or leave a message in our technical support area.